Indian Head Massage

As the title suggests this massage has its roots back in India where it is a family tradition to carry out weekly head massage. From birth babies heads are massaged and are covered by cloths containing essential oils that encourage circulation.

This is a fantastically relaxing massage which is carried out with the client in a seated position and fully clothed.
The back, neck and shoulders are massaged to bring about relaxation and relieve tension in the  muscles.
The head is massaged either dry or using oils.
This stimulates the circulation and can help relieve
Head aches and eye strain.

Marmas or pressure points on the face have gentle pressure applied to them and this encourages toxins to be released and eliminated from the body. It also encourages the flow of nutrients through the bodies vessels. This massage can be adapted to suit most people.

Unfortunately it is not suitable for anyone who has epilepsy.

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